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The Tea Collection Memorial Day Sale is On! . . . $12 Boys' Tops plus $15 Dresses & $12 Leggings for Girls

The Tea Collection Memorial Day Sale is on and you only have until Monday (5/27) to shop!  You will find $12 boys' tops, $12 girls' leggings, and girls' dresses at the super-low price of $15.  Right now, there is a wide selection of styles to choose from for all 3 deals.  Who knows if that will still be true by Monday though!

I have to tell you that I wait all year long to find Tea Collection dresses for my 6 year old daughter at this price.  The best part is that she can wear the short-sleeved dresses all year round with just bike shorts underneath for the warmer months and a long-sleeved layering tee plus leggings underneath during the colder months.  They also look equally as stylish whether they're paired with canvas sneakers, flats, sandals, or boots!  That's why I think these dresses are such a great value at this price.

To checkout all the items in the Tea Collection Memorial Day Sale, visit!