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Silly Monkey Stories: How to Wake a Sleeping Baba (a.k.a. Daddy)

Last weekend, our family had plans to go out to run a few errands before dinner.  My husband had gone to take a nap and, by 4pm, there still were no signs of him waking up.  I asked my children to start getting ready to go and our 6 year old daughter asked me when her Baba would be getting up.  I said I was not sure, but maybe we had better wake him up.  She quickly volunteered to do it.  Before you went back upstairs though, she had a few things to say . . .

Makenzie:  "I'm good at waking Baba up.  Do you want to know how?"

Me:  "How?"

Makenzie:  "You have to shake him on the side of his belly and whisper 'Baba wake up' while you're shaking him."

Me:  "The side of his belly, huh?  I'll have to remember that."

Makenzie:  "Yup.  It only works on the side of his belly.  I've tried shaking his leg, but that didn't work.  I've tried shaking his arm and that didn't work.  I've tried shaking the top of his belly and that didn't work either."

And with that, she ran upstairs to use her expertise to bring her father's nap to an end.

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