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My Photos: Mother's Day Memories

I know Mother's Day was nearly a full week ago, but I am just getting around to sharing my photos now.  The one below was taken with my Nokia Lumia 920 Windows phone and the rest with my D-SLR.  Sometimes I am amazed at the quality of the photos taken with my phone.  When the light is just right, the photos really do come out wonderfully.  I only wish it had a macro setting.

It seems like every year on Mother's Day, I subject the children to a mini photo shoot.  It's a great way for us to see how much they have changed over the coarse of one year.  As always, I am floored at how much each child has grown and blossomed, but more so this year with our daughter.  She is only 6 years old, but seems like she's heading full speed ahead towards becoming a tween.  She needs to slow down.  I don't think I'm ready for it and I know my husband is not.

This is our 6 year old son.  Thankfully, he enjoys being a child and is in no hurry to grow up.  He is quite the charmer though.  Somehow he's learned to turn on that sweet smile along with a little twinkle in his eyes especially for the ladies.  He's definitely going to be a heartbreaker.

Here is our 9 year old son who is the cool big brother.  He is at that special age where he can go back and forth between being a little kid and young man.  On Mother's Day, I could not believe I had been a mom for almost a decade.  Where did the time go?

One more photo of our princess . . .

This year on Mother's Day, I was really overwhelmed with the lengths the children went through with handmade gifts and cards.  The one below was made by our 6 year old son in his art class.  It's a mama bird watching over her eggs in a nest.

The necklace below was made for me by our 6 year old daughter.  I actually have a similar one made by her big brother when he was in kindergarten.  I wore it to Mother's Day dinner at my sister's house Sunday evening.

Along with an elegant ring containing 3 Garnets (my children's birthstones), I also received poems, handmade books, cards, and drawings.  These are all going in my keepsake box and I will cherish them forever!

What was your favorite memory about Mother's Day this year?

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