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"It All Started with a Turtle" . . . A Children's Book about Lemonade Day

Thank you to Lisa Holthouse for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.  All opinions expressed are my own.

It All Started with a Turtle is a new book by P&P Publishing that teaches a life lesson to kids. When young Lissa decided she wanted a pet turtle, her dad said she’d have to earn the money herself and so she started a lemonade stand. What Lissa learned via her dad and the lemonade stand was much more than how to buy a turtle.  She learned about budgeting, money, investing, and more, plus an entire day was born of it. Now there is a national Lemonade Day on May 5th of each year where kids everywhere learn these valuable lessons.

This book by Lisa Holthouse helps kids discover their inner entrepreneur in an engaging way. It is brightly illustrated to keep kids entertained and the story is well-written and inspiring. My kids loved it and I loved that they started looking for ways to earn their own money. They even want to take part in Lemonade Day, and I’m sure we will.

You can buy It All Started with a Turtle at and you can learn all about Lemonade Day at