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Dishwasher and Laundry-Safe Name Labels by Name Bubbles

Thank you to Name Bubbles for providing complimentary product samples for us to base this review upon and for providing an additional product for our contest prize.

The spring and summer seasons mean more than balmy weather and school vacation to me.  They also mean new warm-weather clothes, shoes, and gear for my children.  For some parents, it also means sending their children to summer camp.  So, when all the cold-weather clothes get put away or donated, all the new incoming items will need to be labeled.  Since I have a mix of things to label, Name Bubbles was nice enough to send us both laundry-safe and dishwasher-safe customized name labels to use on all our new spring and summertime gear.

One of Name Bubble's most popular items is their Share Labels Pack, which includes 6 sheets of labels, with each pack containing (12) 1.5" Round Dishwasher-Safe Labels, (18) 2.76" Dishwasher-Safe Fun Labels, (18) 1.78" Dishwasher-Safe Mini Labels, and (42) .78" Round and Square Laundry-Safe Labels for $35.88.  The best thing about the Share Label Pack is that you can choose one design with up to 6 different names (one name per sheet).  What a great value for families with multiple children like mine!

Even though my children will not be attending camp this year, they still need to have everything labeled for the remainder of the school year and for attending their taekwondo classes.  I recently purchased a few new acrylic tumblers for each family member.  Those all needed to be clearly labeled.  I would never want someone else to mistakingly drink from or walk off with one of my children's water cups.

You will be happy to know that, before the adhesive sets, you can remove and reapply the dishwasher-safe labels.  I know this because two or three of the labels I applied were slightly crooked and had to be repositioned.  I had also already been these Name Bubbles labels on our dishwasher-safe WaterWeek bottles and they have held up wash after wash for over a year so far without any signs of coming off or fading.

Other items all 3 of our children have for springtime are brand new hoodies and shoes.  Putting a label inside their hoodies is so much easier than trying to write their names on the label.  Most of the time, the fabric markers bleed and the names are almost illegible.  Again, this is not my first experience with Name Bubbles laundry labels, and I have found them to stay on my children's clothes very well, even after countless cycles through the washer and dryer.  For shoes, I use the laundry labels on the ones with fabric or leather/vinyl insoles, while I use the waterproof labels on shoes with rubber insoles, like flip flops.

Not labeling my children's items is not even a consideration for me.  I cannot tell you how many times they have left their coats at school and random items on the school bus.  Between the 3 of them, it definitely has been more times than I can count.

Name Bubbles offers more than just laundry and dishwasher-safe labels.  They also carry allergy and medical labels, oversized name labels for larger items, write-on labels, and more.  See their full selection by visiting  Orders over $50 ship for free via First Class USPS!

The prize for this giveaway is a Share Labels Pack, which contains 90 labels and sells for $35.88.  The winner may personalize these labels with one design of their choice and up to 6 names.
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