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4 Fun New Learning and Developmental Games from Super Duper Publications

Thank you to Super Duper Publication for providing complimentary product samples for us to base this review upon and for providing an additional product for our contest prize.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Super Duper Publications specializes in fun learning materials for kids and so far we’ve not been disappointed with their products. The game, Lids n’ Lizards, helps children practice sorting and categorizing, describing, plus builds memory skills in an entertaining way. To play, parents place small magnets from various categories inside the lids and occasionally hide a lizard under as well. Kids take turns flipping the lids over, sorting the magnets into their proper category (food, animals, transportation, around the home, or clothing), and keeping the lizard if you find one. The one who collects the most lizards in the end wins the game. My 6 year old, Quinn, loves this game! He loves setting it up and deciding which magnets to put in play and hiding the lizards underneath. Then he loves mixing them up and playing either by himself (he says at least he’s sure to win that way!) or with others. He has played this at least a dozen times since it came and it’s quickly become a favorite of his. I love that it’s a teaching game and that the lids, lizards, and magnets are all sturdy so his new fave isn’t likely to wear out soon.

The MagneTalk Early Classifying Magnetic Board Game is a game that capitalizes on the appeal magnets have for children to make something that improves sorting skills, builds vocabulary, critical thinking skills, and even fine motor skills. MagneTalk Early Classifying has the same five categories that Lids n’ Lizards does and square magnets that children can sort into their proper place. For younger kids, this could sometimes be challenging but very beneficial to them nonetheless. For my 6 year old, this is a little simple but he loves doing it still and even making stories using the items as he sorts them which also helps him improve his imagination. He loves to do this while I read chapter books to him and he makes a game of finding a magnet to go along with the book. Like all the Super Duper, Inc. products we’ve tried, this features very sturdy materials that aren’t likely to show wear with proper care.  Plus, the board and magnets store away neatly in a handled tote so it’s compact to store and easy to travel with.

Both of these great products can be purchased on www.superduperinc.comLids n’ Lizards retails for $39.95 and MagneTalk Early Classifying retails for $21.95.  These are just two of the four new games from Super Duper Publications.  You can read my review of the Topic Talk and the All About You, All About Me card games here.

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