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Find Minecraft and Other Cool Kids T-Shirts at!

Thank you to for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon. All opinions expressed are my own.

Of the 200+ kids' t-shirts available on, our 6 year old son chose the Kids Minecraft Creeper Inside T-Shirt as his favorite . . . eventually.  For the 20 minutes prior, he pointed to every Iron Man t-shirt, every Spider-Man t-shirt, every Avengers t-shirt, every Star Wars t-shirt, and every Ninjago t-shirt and said, "That one!  I want that one!!"  Eventually, he settled on this Minecraft t-shirt.  I think he chose it more to impress his big brother than for himself.  Well, it worked . . .

When this t-shirt arrived, Luke's big brother automatically asked if the shirt was for him.  He was so jealous when he found out that the shirt was actually for Luke.  I had never seen Luke look so happy as he did during that moment.  Being the little brother and the recipient of one hand-me-down after another, it is rare that he has something that fills his big brother with envy.  Needless to say, this shirt was a huge hit with Luke's friends at school too.

Our son usually wears a size 6 on top, so we ordered the smallest size available, which was a S(6-8).  I was worried that he would be swimming in the shirt because he is somewhat of a peanut, but it fits him well with room to grow.  Since heathered grey t-shirts are usually a cotton blend, this t-shirt did not shrink at all.  We've washed it several times already and the graphic has held up nicely.

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