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The Keurig OfficePRO Single-Cup Commercial Coffee Brewer & My Favorite K-Cups Delivered Right to My Door from

Thank you to Staples for providing complimentary product samples for us to base this review upon.  All opinions expressed are my own.

I love coffee (who doesn't?) and appreciate a great cup freshly brewed. But, like many people, I really do not like the cleanup or the extra time that comes with conventional machines. I am also the only coffee drinker in the house and I waste so much coffee using a traditional machine.

Using coffee cartridges like Keurig and Tassimo are really the only option for me. They are easy, fast, and are virtually mess free. I used the Tassimo for a bit, but the quality of the coffee was not quite up to par with my traditional machine, but the Keurig coffee I have tried has always been an excellent alternative. So far, my favorite is the Coffee People Original  Donut Shop Coffee K-Cups.  When I had the chance to try the Keurig OfficePRO Single-Cup Commercial Coffee Brewer for myself I jumped at the chance.

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My Keurig OfficePRO came from Staples of all places. I always associated coffee and coffee machines with specialty housewares stores or department stores. Not only did the machine come from Staples, the assortment of K-cups available from Staples was impressive. I was able to find my favorite flavor and brand with ease. The price was superb. This Keurig OfficePRO, which comes with a sampler of 12 K-cups, at Staples is $129.99 with free shipping, while Amazon is selling the exact model for $142.77 shipped. Wow.

This Keurig OfficePRO is basic in operation and built solidly, exactly what you want in an office or commonly used coffee machine. The plastic is heavy duty and the lift arm made from a thick chrome plated metal.

To use the machine you simply power it on and wait a short bit for the machine to heat up. Once the machine is heated up you won't need to wait again unless the machine is powered down. Leaving the machine on in the morning is worry free. This Keurig OfficePRO will power itself off after 2 hours of inactivity. The reservoir holds 48 ounces of water or about 4 decent sized cup fulls. Refilling the reservoir is as simple as removing a cover and pouring the water in.

The machine has a 3 cup size selector, just choose the size and press brew. Making excellent coffee could not be easier to do with this machine.

Clean up is even easier than brewing with a Keurig. Throw out the used K-cup and that is it. My Keurig OfficePRO doesn't drip like some I have used, so I have not had to wipe up one drip yet. If I did spill or drip, the base pan/plate slides out and comes apart for easy cleaning.

Overall I love my Keurig OfficePRO and am glad to find a suitable replacement for my ground coffee machine. I have no hesitation to recommend this machine to heavy or light coffee drinkers. It is high quality, easy to operate, easy to clean, and makes good coffee at the office or at home.

Visit to find out more about the Keurig OfficePRO Single-Cup Commercial Coffee Brewer or to view all the Keurig coffee brewers and K-cups available.  If you are a Staples Rewards member, then you will get 5% back in rewards on all your Staple purchases, plus free shipping on all orders from  Can't get more convenient than having your K-cups delivered right to your front door at no extra cost to you!