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Silly Monkey Stories: Silliness with Silly Putty

This year, the Easter Bunny had included Silly Putty in all 3 of our children's Easter baskets.  Although they have owned Silly Putty before, our children are still fascinated by it and spend quite a bit of time playing with it.  I have to admit that it is a wonderfully quiet toy that keeps the children occupied and sitting still (and did I mention quiet?).

Yesterday morning, before we all hurried to the school bus stop, our 6 year old son was playing with his Silly Putty.  As always, he was extremely excited to show me what he made.  There is always the usual snake, ball, hot dog, along with the occasional pizza, hamburger patty, and smiley face.  (Yes, my children do seem to be slightly obsessed with food.)  This time he said to me with great pride . . .

"Look MumMum!  A silly puttle!!"

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