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Sphere of Life "Bring me Spring" Sterling Silver & 18k Gold Necklace

Sometimes I feel like I am on an endless search for the ideal necklace.  I do not change my jewelry daily like some people.  I want to wear jewelry that I love, is unique, tarnish-free, and looks great with just about anything I wear.  That way I can put the jewelry on and forget about it.

I recently discovered Sphere of Life necklaces and am now wearing their Bring me Spring spherical necklace, which is very close to being the ideal necklace for me.  If you are looking for a unique piece of well-crafted sterling silver jewelry to gift for Mother's Day or to add onto your own Mother's Day wishlist, I highly recommend that you visit to see what they have to offer.

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Before the recipient even gets to the necklace, she will be floored by the presentation.  The necklace is carefully placed in a drawstring mesh gift bag, which is then nestled in a bed of satin inside a silvertone sphere with "Sphere of Life" engraved on the outside.  This sphere sits inside a sturdy ready-to-wrap gift box.  Opening this gift will be an experience of anticipation, luxury, and feeling loved combined.

Although Sphere of Life offers several other jewelry collections, the Sphere of Life Silver collection alone has over 70 styles of necklaces and earrings to choose from.  Each sphere is made of highly polished sterling silver and comes with an 18" silver chain that can be adjusted to a 16" length.  Although it may take awhile, you will be sure to find the necklace that exudes the right sentiment for you or the person for whom you are shopping.  Each necklace actually has a small gift tag enclosed with a message printed on it.  I chose the "Bring me Spring" necklace because I have always admired the grace and beauty of butterflies.  In fact, I even have a butterfly tattoo.  The message that came with this necklace was "It's your time to blossom."  What a wonderful gift this particular necklace would make for someone who will be graduating from high school or college this Spring!

The only thing that kept this necklace from being the ideal necklace for me is the length.  At the 16" length, the sphere does not seem to sit right on me since it does not really dangle.  At the 18" length, the sphere sits perfectly with high or low necklines, but it sometimes sits on the neckline of the tops that fall in between.  I think this necklace at 17" would be ideal for me.  Although this necklace is adjustable, it does not have large rings for the entire length of the extender.  There is a ring at the 18" mark and one at the 16" mark.  I would love it if they added a third ring at the 17" mark.

In the end, this necklace is just lovely, from the presentation right through to the workmanship.  You can shop online or find out more about Sphere of Life jewelry, by visiting and Sphere of Life on Facebook.

Thank you to Sphere of Life for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon and for providing a second product for our contest prize.  All opinions expressed are my own.
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