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Choosing Between a Trendy and a Classic Handbag

 It's been at least two or three years since the color yellow first began showing up everywhere in shoes and handbags.  In fact, the trend of the lovely soft yellow I was so enamored with has been replaced with a more golden mustard colored yellow this Spring.  Still, even after 2 years, I have not given up my search for the ultimate yellow handbag.

Very recently, the Key-Per Shopper by Fossil caught my eye in the Bright Multi print.  I love the multi-color trees and birds.  The problem is the reason that I love this bag is also the reason I am hesitant to buy it.  I have a tendency to buy trendy bags and either never use them or I carry them for a few months and they get added to my will-use-again-someday handbag collection.  Then there's the Yellow Fossil Explorer Tote, which has a classic style.  I really like this tote, but not as much as the Key-Per Shopper.  I think I would love it more if it had rolled handles (I have a soft spot for them), however I prefer the supple-looking Fossil leather on the Explorer Tote over printed coated canvas.

So, what is the solution?  Would you go with a trendy bag that you love right this moment or a classic bag that you like very much, but does not quite make your heart go pitter-patter?

What's that you say . . . get them both?  Well, I like the way you think!

I should mention that the KeyPer Shopper retails for $98, while the Explorer Tote retails for $238.  For many people, price would definitely be a factor in the decision-making process.  If it helps, you should know that offers Free Shipping both ways.  You can also search for promo codes for additional sales on watches and more at Fossil on coupon sites, such as  Even if price were not a factor for me, I would still always search for coupon codes before I checkout online.  It's just become a normal part of my online shopping routine.