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A Sneak Peek Video of the Upcoming Disney's Planes Movie

I would say that Disney Pixar Cars was the big movie of our now 9 year old son's childhood.  Although he was too young to see the movie in the theater in 2006, he did watch the DVD after its release almost daily for quite some time and he collected every Cars movie vehicle we could find.  When the 2011 Cars 2 film came out, he and his younger siblings were able to see it in the theaters and they were wowed.  Still, even though all our children enjoyed the film, our oldest is still the hugest Cars movie fan out of the three.  He still watches Mater's Tall Tales over and over again on Netflix to this day.

The upcoming film, Disney's Planes is scheduled to be released on August 9th of this year.  It will be interesting to see if the film will meet my oldest son's expectations.  Based on the sneak peek video above, I think he will not be disappointed.