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Tech Tip: Save Money By Building Your Own PC

There are so many ways to save money these days, but so many are overlooked. I work in IT and I am always amazed at how easy it is to build a computer from scratch . . . so amazed that I truly believe that ANYBODY could build their own PC from scratch with just a little instruction, and more importantly: with very few tools! Building your own PC will also save you a fair chunk of money.

There are two major benefits to building a PC yourself:

1. You can build your machine cheaper than any pre built machine by as much as 30% (or more).


2. You can spend your entire budget and build a PC far more powerful than what the same money would buy you off the shelf.

Possibly the most unbelievable fact is that the parts you use to build your own machine are all top quality name brand parts (you can't always be assured of that with an off the shelf machine).

As far as choosing the parts are concerned, it is really not that hard. Many parts retailers offer all the information you need to pair up your components so everything works together. There are countless websites and forums out there that provide step-by-step instructions on choosing your hardware and assembling everything once you are ready. I think most people would be surprised just how few parts make up the insides of an average PC tower.

Once you have chosen your components, the assembly only takes about one to two hours depending on the complexity of the build. For most builds, the only tool required is a Philips head screwdriver! Many PC cases are “tool less” and you may not need to use your screwdriver that much at all. You will not need to solder anything, in fact, so long as you work in a static free location you really do not need to worry about much at all.

Another benefit of building your own PC is the fact that it increases your understanding of your PC, arguably one of the most important tools in our lives right now. The more you understand about the inner working of your PC the less you will need to pay somebody else for repairs if something goes wrong in the future.

Not only can you save money by assembling your PC on your own, you can also save a bunch of money on the individual parts. Many retailers have daily deals and sales that can dramatically add to your savings. One of the most popular parts sites on the web is I use it personally, and at the office as well, for nearly every part I need.

In addition to the retailers themselves offering deals and sales on parts, some services can optimize your shopping with extra savings and promo codes like this 10% off Newegg coupon.

I truly feel anybody can build their own PC with a little time and patience (very little!). In addition to saving a bunch of money you can be proud of an achievement that many will never enjoy themselves. You know what feels the very best (other than the savings)? The best feeling is when somebody you know decides to build their own and asks you for help!

Visit a few sites like Tom’s Hardware, Newegg, and Youtube and do some preliminary research. Once you see how easy it is, check online for any available promo codes.

If you choose to build your own PC, don't hesitate to post here and ask me some specific questions, I promise to answer them all. I would be happy to rate your parts selection before you buy.

This post was provided by Save1, a family owned coupon site that feeds malnourished children. All opinions expressed are my own.