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Silly Monkey Story: The Medical Theories of a 6 Year Old

It is only the beginning of March and our family just survived our second serious bug  this year.  That is why I missed posting a Silly Monkey Story last week.  When a flu or stomach bug goes through our family of 5, it takes about 2 weeks from the time the first person gets sick until the last person starts to feel better.  This time around, our 6 year old daughter had a fever that reached above 105 degrees.  That was a scary few hours!  Both she and her twin brother were such troopers while they were sick . . . much more so than their big brother.

Our story today is about our 6 year old son Luke.  He, just like most other children, always try to make sense of things by coming up with possible explanations for them.  While our son was sick with the stomach bug, he had a fever and some wooziness.  I'm pretty sure that he was feeling dizzy because he had an inner ear imbalance from only laying down on his left side for almost 3 days straight.  Well, it turned out that our son had his own theory on the cause of his dizziness.  One afternoon he asked me out of the blue . . .

"MumMum, am I dizzy because my brain is rolling around inside my head?"

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