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Silly Monkey Stories: A Solemn Oath

I had recently shared some photos of our 6 year old daughter's first belt ceremony in taekwondo.  At that time, I had promised to elaborate more on the oath each student needed to take as part of accepting the responsibility of the new belt.

The oath is quite a lengthy one.  They did not need to memorize it, but rather just repeat each line after their Master.  The oath covers quite a lot.  If I am remembering correctly, it covers following the principals of taekwondo, listening to your parents and teachers, doing no harm to anything in nature, not using taekwondo outside of the school and only using it for self-defense.  There may be more, but like I said, it was quite long.

When it came time for the students to repeat the lines of the oath, our daughter did not utter one word.  I was surprised because she did not have to say the words by herself.  All the students in her class who got promoted that day were saying the words simultaneously.  Hopefully she was listening and taking the words in, especially the part about listening to her parents.

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