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Seeing Stars at the New England Home Show During Mohawk Flooring's #LicenseToSpill National Tour

This past weekend, my husband and I attended the New England Home Show at Patriot Place in Foxboro, Massachusetts.  It was our first year attending, so we were curious as to what to expect.  In addition to carpeting, flooring, windows, and other home improvement products, there was also food, artwork, jewelry, and more.

Since I was not only attending the show as a homeowner, but also as a blogger, our first stop was the Mohawk Flooring booth.  Patriot Place was the first stop of their License to Spill Carpet Showdown National Tour, during which Mohawk, one of the world's largest flooring manufacturers, will be introducing SmartStrand, their new brand of stain resistant carpet made of special SmartStrand silk.  This tour will be running through the beginning of June.  Check to see if the License to Spill Tour will be stopping by your neighborhood and remember to keep an eye open for this van on the open road . . .

As a homeowner who had to pull up most of the carpeting in her home when we had two elderly dogs and as a parent to 3 children, I could truly appreciate the level of stain resistance built into the SmartStrand carpeting.  I even participated in a demonstration where I put a good amount of grape juice on a carpet sample and watched it be removed completely with just water.  According to the Mohawk representative at the home show, a stain (including ketchup, wine, and fruit punch) should still come right out even if it was several weeks old.  I was also surprised that this super-soft carpet has permanent stain resistance built into the fibers, unlike carpets that have been treated topically.  It truly felt like pure silk, which is a huge selling point to someone like me who likes to walk around at home barefoot.

In addition to being amazed by the stain removal demo, we had the chance to see a few television celebrities.  Since my husband and I arrived right as the New England Home Show opened its doors, we were able to catch celebrity designer and fellow-Bostonian Taniya Nayak filming her spot for Mohawk.  Taniya currently hosts HGTV's House Hunters on Vacation and is a designer on the Food Network's Restaurant Impossible.  We were able to steal a few minutes of Taniya's time after she was done filming.  I have to say that Mohawk could not have chosen a sweeter, more down-to-earth person to be their spokesperson.  If you get a chance to stop by one of the License to Spill Tour locations, you may have the opportunity to meet Taniya and other celebrities.

We were also able to catch JD Roberto, co-host of The Better Show, filming his spot for Mohawk.  Because of the timing, we did not have the chance to chat with him.

We also caught a glimpse of Chef Ben Lacy, the executive chef of the Tastings Wine Bar and Bistro.  He was scheduled to make his special Boston baked beans later on that day, something we were sorry to miss.

My husband and I were so surprised how quickly the time flew by while at the home show.  Next year, we will need to find sitters for the whole day so we will not need to rush.

Be sure to visit License to Spill to enter to win a 6'x9' SmartStrand Silk Bound Carpet!  You can also save up to $500 plus get a free cushion upgrade at participating SmartStrand dealers when you enter Promo Code: L2SBOSTON.

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