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Puppet Monsters . . . Plush Puppets that Double as Cuddly Hats

Every child loves fun accessories and the new Puppet Monsters are just such an item. Puppet Monsters are a line of new, fun hats that children can wear on their heads. They can also make the arms move and change their puppet’s look with the optional accessory kits. This fun and unique hat is warm and cozy, but not boring like most other hats.

Quinn received the red “Dizzy Antlers” Monster Puppet and he loves it! He says the monster is silly, funny, and super cool! The hat is made out of fairly durable material that will hold up awhile if properly cared for. As a parent, I think this toy could be constructed of better materials, but it could also be far worse for a product in this price category.

We didn’t receive an accessory kit, but if we had, the features would unbutton from inside and the new ones would button on in their place. As it is, Quinn has fun moving his monster’s features around to give him silly looks. He loves wearing it out as a warm hat and really loves playing with it as a puppet. He has also gotten many looks from people when he’s worn it in public.  Adults think it’s adorable and kids are completely envious. We’ve had to tell many people about the Puppet Monsters site already. If you have any children in your family, they will likely love Puppet Monsters too.

Puppet Monsters come in six varieties and can be purchased on their website, for $19.95 + S/H and that price comes with your choice of one of the six accessory kits. 3G2S readers can get $5 off by using the coupon code PUPPET at checkout.

Thank you to Puppet Monsters for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.  All opinions expressed are my own.