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"Night Buddies: Impostors and One Far-Out Flying Machine" (2nd Book in the Night Buddies Series)

Sands Hetherington is at it again with a brand new book in the Night Buddies series. Night Buddies: Impostors and One Far-Out Flying Machine is the second book in this series and we meet up with John, a young boy who is not quite ready to head off to slumberland. John and his friend Crosley (who also happens to be a red crocodile) must go and fight off some impostors: lots and lots of red crocodiles. Stakeouts, flying, chases and more make this book an epic adventure for all.

We hadn’t read the first Night Buddies book, but we followed along with this one quite well. It is well-written, action-packed, and completely entertaining. Both my kids (ages 11 & 6) loved it and I did as well. We will be on the lookout for more Night Buddies adventures in the future.

Night Buddies: Impostors and One Far-Out Flying Machine can be purchased at or Barnes & Noble for about $8.99. Learn more about this series and the author at

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