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My Photos: A 6 Year Old's Taekwondo Belt Ceremony

Last week, our 6 year old daughter officially graduated from a white belt to a low-yellow belt in taekwondo.  Since she started studying taekwondo about two months later than her twin brother, I know she was happy to finally be the same rank as he is.

Even though this particular group of students are young, the ceremony is still mostly formal.  The master untied her old belt and presented her with the new one.  She was also presented with an official nationally recognized certificate.  She also had to take quite a lengthy oath.  (More on that in our next Silly Monkey Story.)

Even though our daughter said she was not nervous, she seemed so to me.  She had to remember one line, to say "Here, Sir!" when her name was called.  Then she was to run up to the front to take her place for the ceremony.  When it came time to say her big line, she forgot what she was supposed to say.  Luckily, it came to her after a few seconds.  That's what is so great about this age.  Even when they stumble, they are still adorable.

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