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Cure Spring Fever with Tea Collection's Spring Holiday Dressing

Even though Spring will be arriving in just two days, we have not seen any signs of Spring here in Massachusetts.  In fact, it is snowing outside right at this very moment.  So, how do you cure Spring fever at your house?  I usually do so by adding items to my children's warm-weather wardrobe (and maybe one or two items to my own).  One of my favorite things about March is seeing all the adorable dressy Spring clothing for boys and girls to look their best on Easter and other Springtime holidays.

Pictured above is the Tea Collection Blooming Lily Shift Dress and the Sethunya Floral Dress for girls.  For the boys, we have the Dance Print Shirt and the Two Oceans Sweater Vest.  All adorable items that look both kid-friendly and easy to wear.  After all, being dressed up does not mean your children need to be uncomfortable.  Is it feeling more like Springtime yet?  To get a bigger taste of Spring, visit Tea Collection and save 10% off your order today!