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3G2S Turns 5 Today!

It is difficult to believe, but 3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires turns 5 years old today.  At the beginning of each calendar year, I usually make at least one resolution involving my blog.  I did not make one this year.  It saves me the massive amount of guilt I usually feel when I break that resolution.  The truth is that, even after 5 years, my blog is still evolving.  What may be a great idea for my blog today, may not be a good idea for my blog in 6 months.

This is what I would like to see for our 6th year . . . 
  • An increased focus on shopping and fashion for women, men, and children
  • An increased frequency of posts sharing easy recipes and simple crafts
  • Continued product reviews by our contributing writer Jerinda about Asperger's, homeschooling, living green, children's books, fun toys, and more.
  • New content by contributing writer (and husband) Todd about tech tips, gadgets, pets, products for geeks, fatherhood, and more.
  • Continued family-friendly reader giveaways
I very much look forward to another great year.  My blog would not have survived this many years without my family, my contributors, our readers, and the continued support of the MomDot blogging community.  For these I am very thankful.