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Silly Monkey Stories: Subconscious Sibling Rivalry

After being a parent for over 9 years, it still never ceases to amaze me how children have a talent for making the simplest thing into something very complicated.  Take toast for instance.  What could be simpler than plain white toast with a little butter on it?

Over the weekend, I started off offering our 6 year old twins toast for breakfast.  Then Luke asked for cinnamon toast.  I offered butter with a little sugar sprinkled on it instead.  That seemed to please both him and Makenzie.  Still a very simple breakfast.

Then things get a little more complicated and I do think it was due to the twins' subconscious need to either top each other to be different from each other.  I still haven't figured out which.  Luke asked for his toast not to be cut in half at all.  Then Makenzie asked for her two slices of toast to be cut diagonally.  Then Luke changed his mind and said he wanted one slice cut diagonally and one slice to remain whole.

I knew I had better prepare their toast quickly before they changed their minds again and asked me to do something like cut their toast into the likeness of SpongeBob.  I'm just not that talented.

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