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Silly Monkey Stories: Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

Approximately 6 months ago, our now 9 year old son added cleaning the bathrooms to his list of chores to do.  He actually likes doing it because he loves the way the clean bathroom smells.  (Who am I to deny him the joy of that, right?)

Anyhow, he was cleaning the upstairs bathroom the other night and it was taking him quite awhile.  When he finally came down, he started to tell us proudly how he cleaned everything.  I remember thinking how great it was that he did more than what was asked of him.  Well, that is until he got to the part about cleaning his brother and sister's toothbrushes . . . with Clorox wipes.

It was an honest mistake, so he did not get in trouble for going that extra mile.  Thank goodness we had extra toothbrushes on hand though.

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