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Sensible Options for Moms and Dads Who Want to Earn their College Degrees

At 38 years old, I had decided to change my career. It was probably the hardest decision I had ever made. I had 3 kids (2 of them toddler twins), a mortgage, car payments, and although I didn't know it at the time, I was soon to be unemployed. It was a scary time!

I knew that in order to change my career I needed to re-educate myself and go back to school. I needed a school that could work around my crazy work schedule and allow me to be a parent as well. I knew right away that I needed a school that had many convenient campuses or online courses. I ended up choosing a specialty IT school that met most of my criteria.. Although I earned my certificates and have since started my new career, in hindsight I would have done it differently.

If I were to do it all again today, I would choose an online program that offered conventional associate or bachelor degrees. The online classes are so convenient you can tailor your program around your real life responsibilities, it's simply easier than ever to earn a degree while being a parent or a full time employee.

I still consider going back and earning my associates degree. Ivy Bridge College offers online degree programs in just about every field a mom or dad could want. Many people have concerns about being on their own when it comes to online courses. But Ivy Bridge College pairs students up with mentors and coaches for any individual attention you may need. They also offer unlimited career services for students, so you can put your degree to use right away. Imagine having an expert help you write your new resume with your freshly learned skills!

You are never too old to go back to school in today's world. Technology has made it easy and doable for anybody, even moms and dads with piles of responsibilities. I changed my career at 38 years old by re-educating myself and so can you. Although it was not an easy decision, it was by far the best one. I am now a 2 year veteran in my field and work at an excellent company with endless opportunities. Where would I be today if I didn't make the change? Doing the same old thing.

Although there are many options for your online education, Ivy Bridge College is an excellent place to start your search. Call them at 855-300-7106 for more information.