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My Photos: A Snowy Predicament

One of our youngest cat's favorite spots is sitting on the kitchen table to look out the window.  When there aren't any people, birds, or squirrels to watch, she'll just lay there and sun herself.  Well, this weekend we had a major snowstorm that left us with over 2 feet of snow.  Some of that snow piled on top of the bushes outside and clung to our windows.  The snow was so high that our poor cat could not see out the window while laying down or sitting up.  It was quite a predicament in the carefree life of a pampered cat.

Do you ever wonder what goes through your pet's mind?  I imagine her to be thinking something along these lines . . .

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"Who put all this snow here?  It's blocking my favorite lookout spot!"

"I've been sitting here for a long time and nobody has removed the snow.  Nor has anyone brought me something higher to sit on . . . "

"Okay, I'll stand up, but I'm not happy about it.  I just want to see all the silly humans standing outside in the cold trying to clean off their cars."

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