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My Photos: The Best Sandwich Ever!

Our youngest cat will be turning 3 this year.  If I have not said so before, she is one awesome cat.  She actually behaves very much like a dog, which is in part what makes her so great.  How does she behave like a dog?  Firstly, she thinks with her stomach.  She will endure cuddles, squeezes, rubbings, and more if she knows there is a possibility of receiving a cat treat afterwards.

Secondly, she begs like a dog.  She weighs her options in regards to which member of the family will likely give her some of their meal and will give them "the look."  She will also sit on your foot to remind you she's there and is not above putting one paw on you for the same purpose.

Thirdly, she has been known to do tricks if there is a possible cat treat in her future.  One of my favorite tricks that she does is rolling over, just like one of the tigers at the circus.

Lastly, she actually meets me at the door when I come home just like a dog would.

What do you think is going through her head in the photos below?

"A Kitty Sandwich"

"I Better Be Getting Double Treats for This!"

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