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6 Children's Books About Love

It’s the time of year for love and Candlewick Press’ new books are a great way to talk about love this Valentine’s Day.

Bear in Love by Daniel Pinkwater finds a lovable bear with a secret admirer. His admirer gives him presents that make bear cheerful but curious. In return, bear leaves gifts for his unknown friend, but always falls asleep before he gets to find out who it is. This book is cute and sweet and perfect for Valentine’s Day or, really, any time of year. $15.99

In Olive and the Big Secret by Tor Freeman, Olive is told a secret by her friend, Molly, that she just can’t keep to herself. As secrets usually do, this one finds its way back to Molly and Olive is in big trouble. This is a sweet little book that teaches children about doing the right thing even when it’s hard and what it means to be a loyal friend. $15.99

Leslie Patricelli is out with another adorable board book for babies and toddlers with Huggy Kissy. Baby loves his hugs and kisses and isn’t afraid to hug and kiss even his pets. As with all the Patricelli books, this one is brightly colored with vivid pictures, perfect for the tiniest future readers. $6.99

Love Waves by Rosemary Wells is a two story book about a child that has to be away from his mommy and daddy and they send shimmering love waves to him to let him know they are thinking of him still. This book is nicely illustrated in pastel colors with shimmering teal waves to demonstrate the love wafting through the air. The book is written in poetry so it’s very soothing. $8.99

A Kiss Like This is a fun book by Mary Murphy that shows different animals showing each other love in their own unique way. This book is really bright and fun and every page is full of love with the words and illustrations. $12.99

And finally, my personal favorite of the lot, Otter and Odder: A Love Story. This is a charming little love story about an otter finding love with a fish, which is, of course, its food source. This book is so sweet and I love that it wasn’t just a “happily ever after” but Otter and his fish love had to figure out a way together. Plus, this book is really interestingly illustrated by Chris Raschka with simple pictures that are catching without being overstated. This one will go in my library as one of my favorite children’s books. $14.00

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