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Silly Monkey Stories: Our Holiday Was Just Ducky!

It is widely known in our home that our daughter just loves ducks.  I was not sure if anyone outside of our little family knew this, so I tipped everyone off who was planning on shopping for her this Holiday.  Let us just say that our daughter was not disappointed because it turned out to be a very ducky Christmas for her.

The first duck of the day was from Santa.  He had tucked this adorable polka dotted rubber duck keychain in her stocking.  Santa must have done his homework because he somehow knew that our little girl has a love for ducks and a love for polka dots.  Way to go Santa!!!

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The next ducky surprise came from my parents who gave this floral plush duck pillow to our daughter.  She let out the hugest squeal when she unwrapped this gift.  She was one happy little girl!

The last surprise, which just delighted our daughter, came from my wonderful Aunt Pat.  She gave our daughter a My Pillow Pets Duck Blanket.  Our daughter didn't even know such a thing existed until she saw one on my computer a couple of months ago.  As if that wasn't enough, my aunt also included a family of rubber duckies in the gift!

I think our daughter will be talking about this Christmas for a long time.  She still talks about receiving the giant plush duck from us for her last birthday, which was almost a whole year ago.

I hope everyone's Holiday was just as ducky as ours was!

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