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Gourmet Dipped Strawberries & Fudgy Cake Pops . . . Delicious Alternatives to Birthday Cake

For us, the month of January is pretty much a month-long birthday celebration.  Our oldest son's birthday comes at the beginning of the month.  Then our now 6 year old twins' birthdays come 2-1/2 weeks later.  We usually celebrate both birthdays with a special dinner for just our little family on the evening of each birthday.  Then somewhere in between there, we traditionally have a birthday dinner for all 3 children at my sister's house for close relatives.  This year, we even managed to fit in a weekend trip to the Coco Key Water Park, where the children were surprised with a special birthday cake.  As you can imagine, after all these birthday celebrations, we have had our fill of birthday cake by the time the twins' birthdays roll around.

This year, I found some wonderful alternatives to birthday cake with which to surprise the twins on  On the day of their birthdays, UPS delivered a package to the house containing 3 Birthday Cake Pops and a Dozen Gourmet Dipped Fancy Strawberries along with a decorated vanilla birthday sugar cookie and a note printed with a special message from me and my husband.

I have to admit that the Shari's Berries gourmet strawberries were what caught my eye immediately while browsing the ProFlowers website.  They are available in various quantities, with different coatings, and paired with a variety of other treats.  In addition to the cake pops, you can also purchase the strawberries paired with cheesecake, cookies, floral bouquets, and more.  It actually took me forever to decide on what to order.

Ultimately, I was extremely happy with what I had decided upon.  The strawberries were large, juicy, and sweet.  I think both my husband and I would agree that the strawberries dipped in milk chocolate with a coating of almonds were our favorite.

All 3 children, on the other hand, reached right for the birthday cake pops.  They were chocolate coated and extremely fudgy inside.  Our 9 year old kept insisting that it was solid chocolate and fudge with zero cake inside.

During the checkout process on the ProFlowers website, I was given the opportunity to add-on some items. One of the choices was a decorated birthday cookie.  I thought it would make a nice treat for the children.  I would have added one for each child, but the website only allowed me to add one, which I thought was strange.  Regardless, the cookie was large enough for all 3 children to share.

Our children found the colorful sprinkles on the cake pops to be extremely fun, especially when they were scattered like confetti around their plates and the table.  Next time, I might decided to order the colorful Gourmet Birthday Strawberries for them instead.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with my experience.  I liked that I could specify a delivery date even though the package came via UPS.  The items were also very carefully packaged along with a non-toxic ice pack to keep the contents chilled in case you are not home to accept the delivery.

To view all the gourmet gift options available, visit  Be sure to also check the ProFlowers coupons page for any discounts you may be able to use prior to placing your order.

Thank you to for providing complimentary product samples for us to base this review upon.  All opinions expressed are my own.