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Get Two "Kidz Bop 23" CDs for the Price of One!

Kidz Bop 23 was released on January 15th.  There are 16 songs on this CD.  There were many songs that I have not heard of before.  I liked this CD a lot.

My favorite song is "As Long As You Love Me."  I like this song because I had heard it on the radio before and I like the tune and the rhythm.  Another song I like is "Everybody Talks" because it's similar to "As Long As You Love Me."  One song I didn't like was "Locked Out of Heaven" because it has a very slow tempo.  I prefer faster songs.  My 6 year old brother's favorite song is "Gangnam Style."  My 6 year old sister's favorite song is also "As Long As You Love Me."

You can hear a clip of each Kidz Bop 23 song by following the links below or listen to all the clips here:

  1. Good Time
  2. We Are Never Getting Back Together
  3. As Long As You Love Me
  4. Want U Back
  5. Everybody Talks
  6. Let's Go
  7. Locked Out of Heaven
  8. Wide Awake
  9. Live While We're Young
  10. Diamonds
  11. Too Close
  12. Let Me Love You
  13. Some Nights
  14. I Cry
  15. Home
  16. Gangnam Style
For a limited time, you can get two "Kidz Bop 23" CDs for the price of one ($13.98 plus shipping) at the Kidz Bop Shop or get the CD plus the MP3 Version Free for $9.99 (free shipping eligible) on

Thank you to Kidz Bop for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.  All opinions expressed are my own.