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Achieving Balance & Moderation in 2013

Aside from always working when there is work to be done, I actually have very little self-discipline when it comes to other areas of my life, such as eating well and exercising.  I have come to realize that I will never stick to a strict diet or workout 5 days per week, but I am not opposed to finding some balance and moderation in those areas.

There is nothing wrong with eating what I enjoy as long as I do not over-indulge.  For example, when I saw this Countertop Grill and Griddle by Cuisinart on I could almost taste the grilled tomato, bacon, and melted Mozzarella panini sandwich I could be making with it.  Of course, that, plus all the yummy breakfast food that griddle could make, was already starting to tip the scale on my guilt-o-meter.  That was when the Healthy Foods Yonanas Ice Cream Maker caught my eye.  This ice cream maker turns frozen fruit into soft serve ice cream and could replace the fattening store-brought ice cream currently in my freezer, thus tipping the scale back a little in the other direction.

To help you find balance and moderation in your life and to achieve your 2013 fitness goals, Best Buy has the small appliances and fitness gadgets you need both online and in-store.  Many products are currently available with free shipping.  If you will be shopping in-store, be sure to print out these coupons for 20% off Small Kitchen Appliances and for 20% off Health and Fitness Products.  Both coupons are valid through 2/11/13.

What other ways can you think of to find balance and moderation?  Buy a new item of clothing, donate two items of clothing from your closet to charity?

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