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Silly Monkey Story: Food Obsession

Our nearly 6 year old son has always been obsessed with food.  He is not obsessed in a way that causes him to overeat, but he is always thinking about his next meal.

He starts his day off with getting out of bed and asking, "What's for breakfast?"  Then at breakfast, he usually asks, "Am I buying or bringing lunch today?  What am I having?"  Then when I pick the children up from the bus stop, he asks, "Can I have a snack?"  Then while he is eating his snack, he usually asks, "What's for dinner?"

This is why I was not surprised when I overheard part of a conversation he was having with his Dad the other day.  I believe they were talking about how our son is too tired to get up in the mornings sometimes.  Our son's explanation for this was . . .

"I'm too tired to go to school everyday, except for the days when there is popcorn chicken, super nachos, or pizza for lunch!"

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