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Holiday Gift Idea: U Star Novels . . . Classic Novels Starring You or Your Loved Ones

I think it is really cool to have our names published in a Peter Pan book.  U Star Novels lets you enter people's names on their website and replace characters in the stories of classic novels.  I got Peter Pan, but some of the other books you can get are Dracula, Frankenstein, Treasure Island, and many more.

You can replace more than one character with another name.  In Peter Pan, we replaced Wendy with my sister Makenzie, John with me (Jake), and Michael with my little brother Luke.  The name switches really went well with the story.

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On the front cover it will say the title, the author, "Starring (your name)".  It says the same thing, but also says "customised first edition" on the title page.  On the second title page, it says "This book is dedicated to (your name)" and you fill out that information on the U Star Novel website.  You also can put a special message and the date.

On the back cover, it says the title again and a description of what is going to happen in the book.  It is modified with the names of me, my sister, and my brother.

I think that it is neat that U Star Novels can turn your name or other names into characters in a classic novel. I think one of these books would make a good Christmas gift during the Holidays for a child that is really into classic novels.  I would like to get other books, like Dracula, in the future.

To learn more about U Star Novels for children, visit  (PLEASE NOTE:  If you are visiting the website with your children, the sections for personalized books for men, women, and couples, may not be appropriate for them.)

Thank you to U Star Novels for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.