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15% Off Ideas for Teachers' Gifts at Layla Grayce!

The more I talk to the teachers I know about what they think about some of the Holiday and end-of-the-year gifts they receive, the more stressed out I get about choosing something that my children's teachers will actually like and use.  I have come to the conclusion that, if you do not want to go with a gift card, then you need to find that delicate balance between gifty and practical.  Layla Grayce has tons of such items!  In fact, they have a whole section dedicated to gifts for teachers.  Some of them are personalized, some of them are for personal use, and some are perfect for use in the classroom.

One of my favorite ideas for a teacher's gift is the Chalkboard Minis, which are rectangular chalkboard wall decals that can go anywhere, such as on a wall, on the side of the teacher's desk, or on the door.  These chalkboard decals also come in large panels, a cupcake shape, heart shapes, circles, a star shape, an elephant shape, and more.

When you shop, make sure you checkout using Code: merry so you can save 15% off on your order!  This offer expires on December 23rd, 2012.