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The Die-Cut Holiday Photo Greeting Cards I Designed for 2012 (plus a 50% Off Promo Code)

For Holiday 2012, I tried ordering my Holiday photo greeting cards from a different company . . . Paper Coterie.  This company sent me a gift code to partially cover the cost of my order if I was willing to give their greeting cards a try, so I thought it would not hurt to hop over to their website to see what they had to offer.  What I found was a large variety of very unique, modern, yet down-to-earth cards.  I was especially drawn to the cards that had sleeves that slipped over the cards because they added an extra touch of elegance to the presentation.  My husband and I could not agree on a design with a jacket, so we ended up choosing the scalloped "Happy Holidays" Shaped Card, which is a double-sided 5"x7" flat card.  This card is printed on premium 100% recycled fiber paper, which adds to its charm.

All the Paper Coterie cards have a pre-made layout, but are very customizable.  Our card started out with a photo that filled the whole top half of the front (brown side) and a place for 4 photos in quadrants on the back (green side).  I basically changed everything on this card except for the "Happy Holidays" on the front and the background colors of the front and back.  If you like a card's layout the way it is, all you need to do is upload your photo(s), drag and drop them into the photo areas, and change the greeting or signature to represent your household.

If you are in the market for unique Holiday greeting cards this year, checkout the selection at  For a limited time, you can receive 50% off your Holiday card order when you checkout using Code:  HOLIDAYCARDS2012.

Although the Paper Coterie sent me a gift code to partially cover the cost of my order, all opinions expressed here are my own.