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Silly Monkey Stories: The Scatterbrained Scholar

Every Friday, our kindergartners get homework to do over the weekend.  The logic is that they will have a few days to do it instead of just one, which I totally agree with.  Our nearly 6 year old son has done remarkably well in kindergarten.  Whenever I tried to do learning activities with him over the summer, he was very resistant and would give up easily.

Last Monday after school, our son announced that he had forgotten to turn in his homework.  I reminded him that it was very important to do so.  After all, why do all that hard work and then not get credit for it?

So, this Friday, when our son was unpacking his backpack.  He looked in his folder and announced that he never did turn in his homework from the prior week.  I was quite annoyed when I heard this, but just told him to give me his whole folder.  His folder usually comes home on Fridays filled with all the work he did during the week, any masterpieces from art class, and so forth.

Later on, when I was looking through the contents of the folder, I came across our son's homework from the prior week.  It had "Great Job Luke!" written across the top and a sticker on it.  It turned out that he did remember to turn it in and it was part of the corrected work that came home in his folder.  I wonder what goes on in his head sometimes . . .

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