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My Dream Bathroom

When we purchased our home, my husband and I swore that the first thing we would redo, after we removed the many layers of wallpaper both upstairs and downstairs, would be the upstairs bathroom.  It has a dark brown tub with a matching toilet and sink topped off with bright gold hardware.  The walls and the vanity are laminated with a beige/cream colored marble design.  Notice I am using the present tense and not the past.  Yes, we still have what my husband has not-so-fondly labeled "1970's cruise decor" in our upstairs bathroom.

Someday, when we actually get around to remodeling, I am hoping for a modern bathroom, but something that is still warm and homey and not too sterile and severe.  What really makes a bathroom is the vanity and the bathtub.  I have looked at many bathroom vanities over the past few years and have determined that a modern shaker style would be my favorite.  In fact, I would love to furnish my entire home the same way.  I have always liked dark walnut with chrome hardware.  My dream bathroom would have the vanity above with a framed mirror the full length of the vanity.

What would your dream bathroom look like?