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Fun Adventure Playsets from CP Toys

Most recently, our two boys, ages 8-1/2 and 5-1/2, have been more creative and elaborate than usual in their pretend play scenarios.  It really is amazing to watch them.  They put such thought into the details of every aspect in the world they have created.  That is why I know that these two playsets from CP Toys would spark many new adventures for them.

The Everglade Patrol playset comes with a seaplane that is nearly a foot long, a swamp boat, a tent, a net, tons of gear, 5 animals, and 4 figures (3 male, 1 female) that are 4" tall.  This set is very realistic and came with so much gear, such as grappling hooks, a shovel, an SLR camera with a zoom lens, backpacks, and much much more.

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All the vehicles, the tent, and the storage crate bear the official-looking "Wild Quest" logo, which makes the set seem even more realistic.

There was some assembly required for the vehicles.  Most of it was quite easy, but the pontoons that needed to be attached to the bottom of the plane needed a lot of muscle to get them on.  There are also no instructions for the assembly, but it was easy to see which parts went where by looking at the image on the box.

One of the things that make this set so much fun is the set of wild animals that comes with it.  All, except for the turtle, were very toothy and ferocious looking.

One of the things that impressed me the most was the sturdy realistic-looking tent.  It is not collapsible and looks like it will hold up well against my two boys.

The second set I chose that I thought would compliment the first one well is the Adventure Camp-Out playset.  This set features father (4-1/2" tall) and son figures, a 12" long pickup truck, a canoe, a raft, a tent, cots, camping chairs, a campfire, a fishing pole and more.  This set even includes 2 fish that can actually grab onto the lure on the fishing pole.  The only assembly required for this set was putting the legs on the cots.

Though this set is slightly less detailed than the first playset, they still worked well together.  Both my sons were impressed with the rugged truck that has doors that open, as well as a removable cover and a truck bed that opens.

From watching my boys play, I could easily tell which parts of these sets combined together were their favorites . . .  the pickup truck, the figure with the green gloves and the oversized muscles, and the net, which they use to capture the wild animals.  They also loved that the figures could actually hold just about every accessory in their hands and could even grip the steering wheels in the vehicles.

I also chose these two sets because the figures are just about the size of standard action figures.  Not after too long, my youngest son asked if he could get his GI Joe figures to add to the fun.  They actually fit right in.  I was surprised he did not bring out Iron Man and the Green Lantern to play with these super-cool vehicles too.  The more the merrier, right?

To see more adventure playsets like these, visit, where you will find something fun, imaginative, and educational for every child on your Holiday list.

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