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Tips for Parents on Internet Safety for Kids & Teens

Our oldest son will be turning 9 in January.  He has been computer literate since he was 2-1/2.  I never worried about him using the Internet because, like his younger brother and sister now, he had a set list of sites he was allowed to visit that I had saved to his favorites bar.  Now that he is older, though, he knows how to type in web addresses into the browser and is not afraid to click on videos, ads, and other links that might be showing up on the approved sites that he visits regularly.  Below you will find a list of tips for how to prepare your children for safe Internet usage, including social media sites and email.  I actually do most of the things suggested, including gaming with my son.  I really should be doing all the things suggested though . . .

Illustration source: Lexero Business Litigation Attorney
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