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The 3G2S "Top Picks" 2012 Holiday Gift Guide is Coming Soon!

Keep your eyes peeled for the "Top Picks" 2012 Holiday Gift Guide in November on 3G2S!  There will be six categories in our guide . . . Gifts for Kids, Gifts for Tweens, Gifts for Teens, Gifts for Women, Gifts for Men, and Gifts for Grandparents.

Just to be clear, this is a guide of my personal picks for thoughtful and unique gifts for each category.  I tried to provide gift ideas ranging in prices at under $10 to over $100.  This is not a list of the newest and hottest toys and gadgets.  You can find those all over TV commercials and store circulars without my help.  All the gift ideas included are items I would personally be proud to gift to a loved one.

When will you know that our gift guide is live?  Look for the series of buttons above to appear at the top of the 3G2S homepage.  Then click on any of the six buttons to be taken to the gift guide for that category.  Easy, right?

As always, I will be open to any feedback you might have after the Gift Guide goes live.  What improvements can be made?  Would you like to see something similar for Holiday 2013?  Should I make changes to the categories?  Anything would be helpful!