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Tech Tips Video: How to Create Hidden Desktop Files in Windows 7

Sometimes you need some privacy for your files on a shared computer. Although there are many ways to get that privacy, sometimes you want a little bit extra security just in case.

The primary way to have private computing on a shared machine is to have individual user accounts with their own login credentials. For most situations this is all that you need, but I like an added bit just in case somebody sits at my PC before it locks or you want to share your PC with your kids.

The Todd's Tech Tips video below goes into detail on how to create a hidden folder on your desktop that only you know is there. The folder is completely invisible but can be used just like any other on your PC.

If you want even more security, use a third party application to add encryption to the folder to make it not only invisible, but invincible!

I hope you find your new invisible folder as useful as I do!

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