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Silly Monkey Stories: The 3 Stages of King Richard's Faire

This past weekend, we returned to King Richard's Faire since we were not able to see everything during our first visit.  I have yet to sort through all the many photos I took (are you surprised?), but I wanted to share these three for this week's Silly Monkey Story.  You can look for more photos later on this week.

The weather was a bit on the chilly side on the day of our trip.  I would say the temperatures were around 50 degrees, but the children were so excited to wear their costumes to the Renaissance faire.  We put two layers under each costume to help them stay warm.  It actually was not that bad when we were in direct sunlight.

The 3 Stages of King Richard's Faire . . . 

10:45am - "Come on!  Hurry up and take the picture, so we can get the fun started!!"

2:45pm - "Got some cool masks, a cape, and a pretty crystal necklace!  Even got to meet the King and Queen!! This place ROCKS!!!"

4:30pm - "All our hot chocolate is gone!  We're cold!!  We're tired!!!  Can we go home now?"

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My family received press passes to King Richard's Faire.  Our boys' knights costumes were provided by Party City.  All opinions expressed are my own.