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Shop 'n' Share: Great Deal on Ematic MID 7 Google Android OS Multimedia Tablet & Kobo eReader on

We love finding deals, and we love electronics and gizmos even more. So when we saw the Enmatic Eglide 2.2 MID 7 Google Android OS Multimedia Tablet & Kobo eReader on for $59 ($130.99 savings!) it was double love at first site. We bought the Eglide right away as it was a no-brainer.

The Eglide has a 7” 800x480 resolution screen and is capable of playing 720p video. Very good for a $59 device of any kind, let alone one designed for reading!

The Eglide runs on the Android 2.1 operating system and as a result has access to hundreds of thousands of apps and books. Apps are as easy to install on the Eglide as they are on any other mobile device via the variety of installed marketplaces. Books are also as easy to download as they are on my Kindle.

The video player is decent and video runs fairly smoothly. I was disappointed, however, to learn that Netflix is not compatible with Android 2.1, but for less than $60 I was not devastated. I would just need to load my videos and store them on an SD card or the Eglide’s built-in 4 gigabytes of memory.

I give the screen a mixed review. The Eglide relies on a capacitive touch screen, meaning that you need to actually press into the screen ever so slightly to trigger a button or swipe. With today's technology that is just archaic! The capacitive screen had more delay than I liked and a few more missed commands than I could tolerate, but the fact that this unit costs a mere $59 creates a huge tolerance for such complaints. The feature (accidental?) of the screen that I liked, however, is its soft backlighting. For a backlit screen it is easy on the eyes for reading, which is of the highest priority for an ereader.

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My overall opinion of my experience with and my new Eglide? . . . Very good. The variety of deals like the ereader and the ease of ordering made the purchase pleasant. The cost of the Enmatic Eglide, plus $2 flat rate shipping per item, makes it a no-brainer for a multimedia device for your kids or a budget ereader for yourself. So long as your expectations are set properly, the Enmatic Eglide is a great device.

There is also a 30 day return policy and 24 hour customer service at NoMoreRack, making me more comfortable buying electronics from this website than from some other opportunity shopping sites. With a whole section dedicated to electronics, it is hard to resist checking to see what new products have been added each day at noon.  This site would be perfect if you like treasure hunting for holiday gifts.

Thank you to NoMoreRack for providing a gift code for us to shop and report back to our readers about our experience.