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"People Like Us" on Blu-ray/DVD

From the studio that brought us The Help, comes a new heartwarming tale of a man’s journey as he gets to know the family he hadn’t known existed. In People Like Us, Sam Harper (played by Chris Pine) had always thought he was an only child, until his father’s sudden death. He received the surprise of his life when he learned his dad fathered another child with his mistress many years ago, giving him a sister and a nephew. His journey to learn about this family, meet his long-lost sister (played by Elizabeth Banks), and rediscover his roots changes him in innumerable ways.

This story is truly an emotional and inspirational tale. It’s even based on true events, which just makes it that much better. The acting is superb and the story is tear-jerking and relatable. My husband and I really enjoyed watching it and found ourselves invested in the characters pretty quickly. I would recommend this movie to anyone looking for a good, heartfelt movie to watch. I will warn it has pretty strong language, so it’s not for younger viewers.

Special features include the true story behind this film, deleted scenes, bloopers, and commentaries from the director, writer, and actors.

People Like Us is now available on both a Blu-ray/DVD combo, DVD, and digital download at most major movie retailers nationwide.

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