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Photos from the Ringling Bros. "Fully Charged" All Access Pre-show Party

Last week, my family attended the opening night of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus "Fully Charged" show in Boston.  Before the show, it was a wonderful treat to be invited onto the floor to see some of the performers and animals at close range.  Although my children were a little too nervous to participate, a few others were courageous enough to try out tightrope walking and some juggling.  Seeing the performers in action with their own eyes up close made them realize how awesomely difficult each act really was.

Our children were happy to receive temporary tattoos to show their friends that they had been to the All Access Power Up Pre-show Party at school the next day.  The pre-show party was such a great way to start off the evening!

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You can view all my photos from opening night by visiting 3G2S on Facebook.

My family received press passes for this show from Feld Entertainment.