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Learning Fun with Scholastic 2-Pack Nintendo DS Games

Scholastic Media is a well-known and parent-trusted brand of educational titles for children. They’ve done it again with their new games for the Nintendo DS. These interactive games are designed to tap into a variety of kid’s educational interests.

Smart Games for Kids features two games in one package. In My Amusement Park kids set up and run their own amusement parks. From broken rides to running out of food, kids will have a blast creating a virtual wonderland and maintaining it. Digging for Dinosaurs is a fun game where kids separate fact from fiction to learn the truth about 21 different dinosaurs. Both games are teaching math and science skills in a fun way so that kids don’t even realize they are learning.

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Get ready for hours of fun with brain-teasing challenges in the I SPY Game Pack. This unique I SPY pack contains two video games: I SPY Fun House and I SPY Universe. They have over 50 I SPY riddles and more than 200 levels of play to keep your child engaged for a long time. This game teaches critical thinking skills as kids match the illusions where nothing is as it seems.

Both my kids loved these games! They had fun playing them and loved learning new things as they played. Avery (10) preferred I SPY and Quinn (5) liked the Smart Game pack the most. They both really had a blast searching, solving riddles, building, and more and are very glad they got to try these four fun games.

Both 2-pack of games are available at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and and retail for $19.99 each.  To learn more about these and other Scholastic DS games, visit

Thank you to Scholastic Media for providing complimentary product samples for us to base this review upon.