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Introducing the Next Generation to the Movie "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial"

My family and I sat down and watched the E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray/DVD box) and what a wonderful treat it was to share something that was such a giant part of my childhood with my kids.  E.T. dominated my childhood nearly as much as Star Wars did, chiefly because the main character, Elliot, was the same age as I when I saw it in the theater. Elliot and I played with the same toys, rode the same bike, had the same sibling relationships, and we both were dealing with separated parents. Elliot was me in so many ways and, as a result, E.T. impacted my life immensely.

When Karen and I had the opportunity to receive and write about the anniversary edition of E.T. I couldn't say yes fast enough. It was exciting to see if my kids would have the same reaction I had as a child 30 years later.  You know what? They did! They loved it! I was worried that some of the intense scenes would be too much for my nearly six year old twins but they sat right through it (with a few extra squeezes on their favorite stuffed friends). It is refreshing to see kids so entertained by 30 year old storytelling without all the gee-whiz effects that dominate movies today.  What a pleasure it was to relive the joy of seeing this movie with my family, and what an even greater pleasure it was to see my kids enjoy it as much as I did. My nearly nine year old son was moved to tears, as was I when I saw it for the first time. ET still has that power after 30 years!

The E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Anniversary Edition set includes Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital Copy, and Ultraviolet versions of the movie. You can see this movie on any device you wish, as a result, even on somebody else's device via the Ultraviolet cloud based service.

In addition to the movie there are all the extras you would expect, including deleted scenes and special anniversary features. The extra scenes are light and entertaining and the bonus feature interviewing the actors added insight into the making of the movie.

The movie was digitally remastered and looks fantastic compared to any previous edition. The picture was crisp and the audio was excellent in the DVD copy. I can only imagine how wonderful the Blu-ray would look on a giant HD TV!

With the availability of streaming and on demand movies, people don't buy a lot of movies today, but this one is a must-own. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Anniversary Edition would be a great Holiday gift this year. What a no-brainer gift for some otherwise difficult to shop for people. I cannot wait for my friends and relatives to relive their childhood like I did watching this movie.  You can find it here on currently selling for just $17.74 with Free Super Saver Shipping.  This movie retails for $34.98 and can also be found at most major movie retailers.

Thank you to Click-Communications for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.