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3 Signs That You May Need Reading Glasses

Many people associate needing reading glasses or bifocals with aging.  Although this need does become more apparent around the age of 40, give or take a few years, I think there are many other factors that contribute to someone developing the need for reading glasses, such as heredity.  In this day and age, when glasses are so fashionable that some people wear them with non-prescription lenses just because they love the look, there really is no good reason for you not to make that trip to the eye doctor to get a professional opinion if you think you may need them.

One thing you should pay attention to if you suspect you may be farsighted is whether you are constantly squinting and adjusting the distance between you and your computer monitor (i.e. leaning yourself back or tipping your laptop screen to make it clearer), a book, or anything else you might be trying to read.  You also may be feeling drowsy more quickly when reading at night, but that could be caused by blurring vision.  A third sign of your eyesight changing is headaches.  Headaches can be caused by numerous things, but needing glasses is a common cause and one people often overlook.

I have been told by my eye doctor that I will likely need bifocals someday.  Currently, the need is so small that single vision lenses are still fine for me, however, I am paying close attention the the 3 signs I had mentioned above so that I will be aware of the need when it arises.

If you are weary about adding reading glasses to your look, you will be pleasantly surprised by the selection of fashionable options at sites such as for both men and women.  I am especially loving the frame styles by Donna Karan and Emilio Pucci for women.  Which ones are your favorite?