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My Photos: Busy, Busy, Birthdays, Busy, Sick, Busy, Busy

I really don't know why I ever thought that having all 3 children starting school would give me more free time.  Theoretically it should, but realistically I don't see it happening.  I started off doing so well.  I was catching up on some of the work I could never seem to get to during the summer.  I guess all the catching up made me busier than I realized it would.

Two weekends ago, my husband and I celebrated our birthdays.  We took the whole family to the Cheesecake Factory to have a nice dinner.  I took some great photos, but haven't had a chance to take them off my phone to share them.

Then I got sick.  I mean really sick.  Like really blah and weak, then 3 days in bed, and really blah and weak again.  So, now I'm busy catching up from all the work I couldn't do then.  It's 1:54am right now, but I will not miss another week of sharing my favorite photos!

These are a few photos we took of our daughter outside before we left for our birthday dinner.  The first one is my favorite and was taken by my husband.  She truly is Daddy's girl!

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