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Light the Way Safely on #Halloween Night with Pelican ProGear Flashlights

I love high quality products. There is something about metal and great craftsmanship that just hits me right. When Karen asked me if I wanted to try and write about the Pelican ProGear 2370 flashlight I was excited. I have been a fan of Pelican products for many years.  We used to use the Pelican cases for our dive gear when I was a teenager.

Although I knew what the dimensions were when I agreed to try the Pelican 2370, I was still a little surprised to see how small it was when it arrived. It is about the size of a toothbrush case. But do not let the small size fool you: This flashlight is serious business and you know that the moment you touch it.

The 2370 has a heft to it that does not match its size. You feel like you're holding a tool and feels great in your hand.. I have owned some great flashlights, but the Pelican 2370 is in a different class.  The all alloy body fits nicely in your hand and is balanced. The power button is on the end and is made of thick rubber (more on this later). Attached near the end is a belt clip for easy carrying when not in use.

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The Pelican 2370 uses a single ultra bright LED bulb for regular illumination (this is a VERY bright LED light for its size). In addition to the standard LED, the 2370 also has blue and red LED’s for special illumination needs. Great for star map reading at night, guidance, or maybe even special operations!

As amazing as the Pelican 2370 is, I do have a couple “complaints”. Although the power button is high quality, the placement is not intuitive. It feels like it should be where your thumb naturally rests as you use the light. The button on the end requires two hands to turn it on and off or for you to reposition the light.

The second issue is the quality of the lens. The overall quality of the 2370 is so high that the plastic lens really stands out. In all fairness it may be a very high tech plastic, but it feels thin and does not match the rest of the light. It also should be mentioned that the lens is set into the light and surrounded by high quality alloy.

Do my “complaints” change my overall opinion of the Pelican 2370? Not much. This light is so bright and high quality for the price ($59.95 retail) my concerns aren't a big deal for me. The 2370 is perfect for night time events, emergencies, and to keep in your vehicles. You could buy 2-3 of the Pelican lights for the cost of just one of its higher end competitors.

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Thank you to Pelican for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.